Last Post For SS9

SS9: Mon & Tue are work days for the WWI Research project – details in Google classroom.  Project due on Thursday.

Thursday we do some wrap up on WWI, review sheet, and collect HW Check stamps + project due.

Friday: Review sheet & WWI Unit Test – last day.

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Thursday/Fri Nov 5, 6 2020 POST

SS9: Thursday we finished on either a slideshow or concept map on “Life of a soldier in the trenches”-details cross posted in Classroom. Then we started on an outline of the battles of WWI Ex5-9 sheet. Time given on Thurs/Fri for this. Friday we finish movie Passchendaele. Ex5-9 will be due on Monday.

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Wed Nov. 4th, 2020

SS9: We had our unit test today. On Tues we finished and handed in the Soldier Letter Video. Today we started on notes for WWI Causes.

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Friday Oct. 30 2020 POST

SS9: This week we did the Confederation Conference. all the handouts and resources done are in Google Classroom. If you missed the actual conference that was today, I will be posting an alternate assignment that you must do for credit. Test on this unit + fur trade + geographic regions on Wed. next week. On Monday we start WWI

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Monday Oct. 26th, 2020 POST

SS9: Today we did a chart on the Advantages and Disadvantage of Confederation (p.105-112 in Horizons =-info also on Moddle site).  Then for HW is p. 108 Q#2,3 and Read p.116-118 and on p.118 dor Q#2(question only- no essay),4.

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Thurs/Fri Oct 15/16th , 2020

SS9: By the end of class on Fri the groups Elections posters (details in Classroom) are to be done and handed in. Also we completed a Votecompass survey and question (details in Classroom).

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Tue/Wed Oct. 13,14 2020 POST

SS9: On Tues students handed in the Fur Trade Comic Assignment (in classroom) and then watched student vote video where leaders answer 5 questions- see (handout) and website.

On Wed we watched some video’s on Gov’t in Canada and completed two sheets. Then we watched the provincial debate and wrote down some details on candidates. We started on Group Project for BCElection.

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Thurs/Fri Oct 8-9th, 2020

SS9: We completed the NWC or HBC comic assignment over these two days. All the assignment details are in Google Classroom. You will use your textbook and some links on class website to complete your notes.

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Wed Oct 7 2020 post

SS9 : So far this week–We did p.184 Q#1-6. Current events booklets were completed on BLM and COVID. On Wed we also did a quiz on them. Then we completed a comparison chart on Three first nations of Canada from p.80-84. On Wed we also started a HBC or NWC comic assignment.

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Thurs Oct. 1, 2020 post

SS9: On Tues we had a Fr Rev test. There have been a few exit slips past few days too. Wed,Thur,Fri will be project days. Project on other revolutions around the world is due on Monday.

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